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Yes, you may reblog photos that appeal to you This blog is about my journey becoming a mom at such a young age and too look back and see how far I have come. This is me trying to find my path that was set for me. These are my experiences growing up(:
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{ wandering around lake braies }

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seriously though

seriously though

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So I know for a fact Kevin is taking to me becuase he wants to surprise me when he gets home.

But I know he will be here any hour now.

Its a 16-18 hour drive and so far I know he has been on the road for about 13hrs.

i ruin surprises…haha I just walked into some info on when he left.

oh well time for me to get all sexified beautiful because i know he will be knocking on my door first thing and I will still freak out knowing he is going to be home hopefully this morning.

but than in a few days he is leaving for another week to work.


i really cant hand this not seeing kevin.

its been over a month and i miss him.

I know he is coming home any day now but fuck.

the anticipation doesn’t do good with a punctual person like myself.

Anonymous said: What are you like when you are drunk?

a hot mess wasted

socialable and free spirited just normal tipsy/drunk

but this is only sometimes and it can depend on what I am drinking


I don’t .. I don’t understand…


I don’t .. I don’t understand…

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