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Yes, you may reblog photos that appeal to you This blog is about my journey becoming a mom at such a young age and too look back and see how far I have come. This is me trying to find my path that was set for me. These are my experiences growing up(:
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While my son Henry is very bright, he is also three and a half years old, so he rarely says things that really surprise me because I taught him all of the words he knows.


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poor baby, so she crawled up and slept with me.

Usually I cuddle her and put her back in her bed but last night I slipped and let her sleep with me all night.

Anonymous said: If you think any kind of relationship is equal you're not as mature as you think you are princess.

i think you dont get to judge me or anyone for that matter

I dont have a strong family. I don’t have anyone that will fight for me for the way I have fought for others and nothing ever pays off.

I’m trying telling myself that this is okay. It is really hard sometimes though, I feel so alone and unwanted by everyone and everything-I dont fit in anywhere.

I cant seem to find the strength that I need, every time I think I have a family-I found where I belong, I get proven wrong that everything is just an illusion.

Why do I give my all to everyone and get nothing in return? Why don’t I deserve that.


at the end of the day I need to create the best household for Ivy so she will never feel the way I do on a daily basis.

Ivy & Osiris <3

Ivy & Osiris <3

possibly even going this May <3 

Really proud of myself right now.

Went to Walmart and ONLY spent 80.00 and majority of the food I can cook with <3 

I DID GET COTTON CANDY ICE CREAM, because that shit is hard to find and I am obsessed with odd flavored ice cream. 

Before you know it I am going to be a really good mom that knows how to cook shit, especially that my mother in law is the best cook ever and she is just dreaming of the day she gets to teach me her kitchen knowledge. 

So I am going to go ahead and thank pintrest ahead of time for turning me into a cook with bomb ass recipes to use.

BUT my goal for next month is to use coupons or price match, I need to learn these survival techniques 


yes hello 911 i’m being forced into adulthood and i don’t like it send help

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Six Word Story by P.P.
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Ivy’s at her dads, Kevin left for Wyoming on a job.

Thank god for my dog and cat and that I work all weekend and my bestfriend is coming over friday to keep me company.

BUT I am realizing I don’t like being alone, I am so used to having Kevin always around to talk to me and play games and just be my bestfriend that I will marry someday but even though I miss him and its only been 1 hour since he left on the road I am kind of happy and hope he takes more trips because I need to learn how to not see him everyday and be okay,

Like how I have accepted that I only see Ivy every other week, it would be good to have a relationship with Kevin if he travels more often because you know-distance makes the heart grow founder.

And even though we are already pretty inseprable as it is, I wouldnt mind adding more fire to this love. 

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if you have any tips or anything please let me know. (:

so I downloaded utorrent to get lightroom5 and now I need the serial number for lightroom.

can anyone help me?

I am new this torrent shit and being awesome, so show me the way? Please (: 

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